Introducing our new title- "Exploring My Feelings" Now available on Amazon!

Home of the "Bella" Book Series

Join Bella the fairy on an adventure of self love and happiness! Both children and parents will enjoy this story of how a few words can make all the difference.

Self esteem is an important factor in our children's lives.

Follow Bella as she teaches your child the beauty of joy

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Meet the Author & Bella!

Thank you for opening your child’s mind to our writing. With experience as a child therapist and pediatric social worker, I felt the importance of having a series of books dedicated to helping parents empower their children and strengthen their mental well-being. My daughter Bella is the inspiration behind "Affirmations" and "Exploring My Feelings". She also helped me come up with most of the affirmations for our first book. We recently released our latest book and second title. This book focuses on addressing positive and negative feelings. There are also fun coloring and activity pages in the back!

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