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Top 2 Children’s Books About...

Let’s face it, we are living in uncertain times right now.COVID-19 came and put a complete stop to life as we knew it. No traveling, unemployment is at an all time high, no school for the kids, etc. As stressful as this was for adults, our kiddos felt the impact as well.

Now, add on the secondary post traumatic stress of seeing the constant mistreatment of Black Americans in this country. Frankly, it is an ongoing theme in America. However, since the rise of iPhones, social media and other ways to connect, it is easier to see and be shared with millions. WE ARE TIRED, but our children, our children are confused and do not understand why this happens. Thankfully, there are several authors who have taken the time to produce wonderful children‘s book titles that relate directly to this. They make it a little easier to have the conversation with our kids.

Here are the top 2 children’s books that Bella and I have ordered, read, and enjoyed that relate to this topic:

I hope that you are able to find some relief in knowing that there are books out there to help. In the next blog, we will touch on more children‘s books that focus on mindfulness and mood regulation.

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